Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Blanket #1

I decided to try my hand at sewing baby blankets since there are so many people having babies. Here is baby blanket #1. This is for Jared's cousin Mary Ann. She has two adorable little boys, Max and Ian, and she is having her first little girl this October. This blanket I decided to make all pink!
I am now in the process of making two more blankets, one for my friend Amanda and the other is for a friend at work, Krystal.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

So this month has been a busy one. We celebrated three birthdays for what seemed like the whole month of August. First my dad's birthday was on the 12th and he turned 49 years old. Second Jared's birthday was on the 16th and he turned 24 years old. Last my brother's birthday was on the 20th and he turned 21 years old.
We celebrated Jared's birthday first with his family on his birthday. We also stopped by Disneyland so Jared could pick up his birthday gift card. We had a wonderful dinner at his parents house and for desert we had the birthday cake that I made him.
Jared with his Disneyland birthday pin and his gift card. The birthday cake that I made. Its a white cake with homade butter cream frosting and sliced strawberries in the middle. Yummy!
Happy Birthday Hunny!!!!
Saturday we had a family BBQ at my grandparents house. Jared and Chloe went swimming for a while during the day. After they swam we all played this fun game called 'Farkle'. Of course my mom won...I think its because she cheats. LOL.
Here is all of us playing 'Farkle' in the backyard.
This was the yummy ice cream birthday cake we had... It was so yummy!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
Happy Birthday Jared!!!
Happy Birthday Blake!!!
The next day (Sunday) we went to my other grandparents for dinner and birthday celebrating. We did what we always do there... we ate A LOTand talked. We watched a DVD of all the pictures from our parents cruise to Alaska. For desert we didn't have a traditional birthday cake, we had ice cream pie and cup cakes. They were so yummy!!
The family just sitting around watching the Alaska DVD.

Me and my little brother, Blake.

My Mommy getting the cup cakes ready.
My Mommy and my Uncle Robb.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So for the next almost two weeks I get to show off this lovely accessory that will go great with all my outfits... NOT. I really hate this thing. I have only been wearing it for one day and I already want to burn it. I some how did something to my wrist and now have carpel tunnel syndrome... or at least that is what my doctor told me. Some seem to think that I just have tendonitis... either way my wrist has been hurting for about three weeks and I am ready for it to stop. My doctor says that I am not allowed to work on the computer or sew for the almost two weeks (24/7) that I have to wear this thing. I feel so constricted and its really annoying not being able to move your entire right hand. Looks like I am going to have to work on typing and working with my left hand. Sorry for the venting but I needed it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Fransisco Trip

This past weekend we took a trip with my family to San Francisco for my good friend, Eric's wedding. I decided to post a bunch of pictures to tell about our trip instead of me trying to write everything. Enjoy!
San Francisco... there were so many cars. We spent so much time driving in traffic.
Daddy & Mommy at Bubba Gumps on Pier 39.
Mommy & Chloe at Bubba Gumps on Pier 39.
Jared & I at Bubbe Gumps on Pier 39.
Jared as Forest Gump... does that make me Jenny??
Jared & Chloe took a ride on the two level carousel on Pier 39.
Jared and I found a giant Sponge Bob, so of course we needed a picture.
Pier 39 is home to a lot of sea lions.
Ghirardelli Center!!! However, it was smaller than I though.
Yummy Ghirardelli Ice Cream!!!!
Jared and I at Fisherman's Warf.
Some guys large PEZ collection at the PEZ museum. This was a little werid.
Me in front of the Guiness Books largest PEZ.
Jared in front of the Guiness Books largest PEZ.
I found the Elvis PEZ's.
Jared and I in Chinatown. We had really yummy food there.
We drove by this building a couple times.. it had all this furniture hanging on outside walls.
Congratulations Eric & Ariana!!!
Jared and I on the boat to Alcatraz!
The jail cells in the prison. I would have gone crazy if I was locked up here.
Mom, Chloe and I on our audio tour of the cell blocks.
Jared and I locked up in one of the cells.
These were some of the crazy street performers that we saw.

Sorry for all the pictures but we did a lot of things in such a short amount of time. Jared and I already want to go back and explore more of the city. We both want to thank my parents for letting us tag a long on this family vacation and I am so glad that everyone in my family was able to go.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

This is my favorite picture of Jake, I got it off of Jared's parents blog. (Thanks!)
I know this is a little late but I have been really busy lately, and I also couldn't find my camera cord to transfer the pictures to my computer.

On August 2, little Jake turned 2 years old!!! I can't believe how big he is getting! For his birthday we had dinner at Nona's and Jake got to open up some presents. He got a cute bubble blowing lion from Nona, Jared and I got him some fun cars, and the big present was from Mom and Dad... they got him a fun car to ride around in. Of course when he opened it Dad and Jared had to put it together right then and there. After the car was finally put together (they dont make those things easy to put together), we all went for a walk and took it out for a spin. Here are some fun pictures from the day!

Jake & Kelsea with his new car!

Jared giving Kelsea a ride so Jake could ride his car. :)

Jake with his birthday cake.

While we were singing 'Happy Birthday'. We had to light the candles twice cause Jake wouldn't let us finish singing the first time. :)