Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This weekend, Jared and I flew up to Utah with my family for my cousin, Kayla's wedding. We flew into Salt Lake on Thursday night, the wedding was on Friday, then we flew home Saturday night. Talk about a short trip! They were sealed in the Bountiful Temple. That was the second temple that I had been in since Jared and I got married. It was such a beautiful sealing. The weather outside was FREEZING, but then again, I am used to this beautiful weather we are blessed to have in Southern California. For the reception we all helped with the setting up and taking down process, and my brother was in charge of the food. It was such a beautiful reception.
Jared and I with my family and the bride and groom.
Jared and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
While we were in Utah, Jared and I were able to go to Salt Lake and walk around Temple Square. It was so great walking around and seeing all the beautiful brides coming out of the temple. There was one that had atleast 20 bridesmaids!!!! That was crazy! We had a lot of fun with my family and love spending time in Utah.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wedding Video/ San Diego Honeymoon

Our wedding pictures are online for viewing, however there are more than 4,000 pictures. The photography studio put together a small video slideshow of our wedding for us.... here is the link.... Check it out!!!


Jared and I went on our honeymoon to San Diego, right after our reception. This is one of three honeymoons that we will be taking this year. (More information about those coming soon.) San Diego was a lot of fun. We stayed in the Pacific Terrace Hotel. We were in the Presidential Suite that looked over the ocean. Jared would sit out on the balcony every morning and watch the surfers. We took walks on the beach, and went to this little carnival shopping place near our hotel. It was an amazing weekend and we are so looking forward to our other honeymoons!

This is Jared and I at a beach in San Diego... it was really cold that weekend.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

About Us

Since this is our first blog post I thought I should write a little bit about our story.

Jared served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He served his mission in Roseville, CA. Jared returned home from his mission in April. About a week or two later he went to institute and that is where I saw him for the first time. It was both our first time there so we had to stand and introduce ourselves. I thought he was really cute and he said that I was really cute. We didn't get a chance to talk that night after class. However, the next at class he came and sat next to me and we talked most of the class time. After we exchanged numbers (since he was fresh off of his mission he had a hard time figuring out how to put my number in his cell phone... it was so cute!). Two days went by without me hearing from him so I decided to be the first to contact him. I sent him a text message and we went out on our first date that night.

Exactly 3 months from that night he proposed to me. It was the most amazing proposal ever! He took me to the beach and I though he was going to propose to me right there but he didnt. So, then we went to Seal Beach and he had made me a picnic. So before we ate our picnic dinner he gave me a red rose, and started to talk about the past, then he gave me another rose and talked about the present, and lastly he talked about the future and the rose that he gave me was actually my ring box. It was so magical! Later that night we went on a gondolla ride in Long Beach.

So we set our date and were married on February 16, 2008 in the Newport Beach Temple. It was the most amazing day of our lives. We now live in La Habra, CA. Jared is currently going to Fullerton College and working with his dad at Conrol Air Corporations. I am currently working with my dad at Taylor-Dunn Corporation. We are so much in love and love the married life.