Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Very Proud Wife

So, for those that don't know, my husband make's Apps for the Android Market. He has about 7 of them out in the Market right now. Last night he got a message from one of his followers on Twitter saying that one of his App's was mentioned in an article on Click on the link (Should Android Apps List Minimum Requirements?)to be directed to the news article. Jared's App is called 'Droid Overclock'. By clicking on his App in the article, you will be directed to the Market, and be able to see what his App is about and some of the other Apps that he has created.

I am so incredibly proud of all the work Jared has put into his work. I never thought that making an App would take so much time and that so much went into it. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who works so hard to help our family.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Mermaid: Under The Sea

After work today I met up with some co-workers to preview the new Little Mermaid ride at California Adventures. This was the only picture I could get of the ride. This is the beginning, where you get into your giant sea shell and take a wonderful ride under the sea. I am so happy that I got to go on this ride. It was amazing!! The characters were so life-like. Disney has really come far from their days of Pirates of the Caribbean and It's A Small World. I can't wait to ride it again!