Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend fun!

Jared and I at the beach with some friends for a bonfire.
On Friday we went on a date with Jordan, Stephanie, and Jordan's friends. It was a lot of fun. We went to Ruby's on PCH down in Corona Del Mar then went to the beach and had a bonfire.

Jared and his Dad after running the 5K race in Placentia.
Saturday morning, Jared and his dad ran the annual 5K race in Placentia. After being out late the night before, it was a really early morning for both of us. I didn't run the race this year, but maybe next year. I was standing at the finish line to cheer them on. Jared's family was there too. Micah ran the kids 1 mile race around the lake at TriCity Park. It was a great family activity.

Jared and I at my grandparents house.
That same Saturday night, Jared and I went to my grandparents house to celebrate the birthdays for the month of April. There were atleast 4 people in my family that had their birthdays in April. For dessert, my grandma had purchased a chocolate fountain... it was sooo good... Jared wants to go out and purchase one too. However, we have a fondue pot, so come on over to our house and we will have a chocolate fondue party!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 Month Wedding Anniversary

Jared and I on the Jungle Cruise
Jared and I celebrated our 2 month wedding anniversary yesterday. We decided to spend some time at Disneyland. We only went on two rides because of how tired we were and how crowded it was starting to get. After we left Disneyland, we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Mmmmm... it was so good.
Jared and I in front of the castle

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chloe's Baptism

Chloe and I after the baptism
My baby sister, Chloe, and her friends Brittney were baptized this past Saturday (April 12, 2008). It was such a great day. They were both so cute wearing thier little baptism dresses and getting their hair done for this special day. Now, most of you are wondering why they got their hair done if they were just going to get it wet. Well, Chloe got her hair frech-braided and Brittney got some cute braids in her hair too. Unfortunately, Jared was unable to go to the baptism, he had strep-throat (spell???). Luckily, he is doing much better! It is so hard for me to believe that my little sister is already 8 years old. She is the best sister anyone could ask for.

Chloe and Brittney after thier baptism