Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Update: End of 2011

I have been so bad at blogging lately. It just seems like the past few months have been so crazy and I haven't really taken any pictures over the holidays. I thought I would sit and update on the past few months up to Valentine's Day and our Anniversary.

-I turned 25 this past November. I used to be really excited about my birthdays but this was the first year that I was dreading my birthday. I know 25 isn't old but I just wasn't excited that day. For my birthday dinners we went to Hibatchi. I love this restaurant so that made things better.

-Right after my birthday we had Thanksgiving. The holidays are always a busy time for us because we split the family time up since we all live very close to each other. We spent some time with both families and had a great time. I love the holidays and spending time with family. I am very grateful that we live so close so we can see our families often.

This is always a busy month for everyone. Thankfully I wasn't making large blankets for everyone this year. However for Christmas I made my little sister a really cute pencil skirt. She loves it! This was Stitch's first Christmas and I think he really enjoyed all the attention and gifts that he got (puppy treats and toys). He is such a spoiled dog but we love him. He did very well with the Christmas tree, although he kept peeing under the tree. I think he was confused about having a tree inside the house. Hopefully next Christmas he will be a little better.

-We got tickets to see Wicked at the Pantages theater. My little sister has never see the show and so she was able to come with us and bring a friend. This was my 3rd time seeing the play and I love it more every time I see it. It was a lot of fun to spend time with my sister, Grandma and Aunt Amanda in LA.

We had a Rummler Family Christmas party before Christmas. Jared's Aunts and Uncles came over to his parents house. We had a yummy dinner and did a white elephant exchange. Jared's brother Sean also recieved his mission call and opened it in front of everyone. He is going to the Sapporo, Japan mission and he is leaving this April. We are all so excited for him to serve this wonderful mission in Japan.

-Christmas was a lot of fun and crazy as usual. Also having it land on a Sunday didnt help out the craziness either. We went the the Rummler's house in the morning and watched the little kids open their presents, then we went to Sacrament with them. After Sacrament we stopped by Nona's house to exchange gifts and wish her a Merry Christmas. We then raced home to change and head over to my parents house for gifts. I was so happy to have my little brother home for Christmas. We exchanged gifts and opened our stockings, then headed over to my grandparents house for more gifts, food and family. It was and always is a busy crazy day but we love it and we love seeing everyone.

Hopefully I will start being better at pictures and posting.