Thursday, August 30, 2012

Newport Vacation: Jared's Birthday

For Jared's birthday we decided to take a small trip. I was having a hard time trying to figure out where to go and came across The Newport Coast Villas. These are amazing two bedroom mini apartments across from Crystal Cove. Why did we want a second room when it was just the two of us?? Well, we asked our good friends Mike, Katie and their 2 year-old son Cayden to join us for one of the nights.

 Our living room, kitchen and on the left is the second bedroom.
 Our bedroom :)
On Jared's actual birthday we decided to head over to Balboa and rent some kayaks. We had so much fun paddling around Balboa Island looking at all of the homes and the gorgeous boats. While we were paddling there was a fish that jumped out of the water right in front of me. We loved every minute of it and next time I think we are going to try the paddle boarding. After the kayaking we walked around the Balboa Fun Zone and got some ice cream. For some reason whenever we go on vacation we find a local candy store and buy a ton of candy. I don't know why but that is slowly becoming a family tradition. We then went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. I found us a nice little steak restaurant in Corona del Mar and we had a nice dinner together to celebrate Jared's birthday.
The next day Mike, Katie and Cayden came to the hotel. We spent the day riding a group bike around Balboa and then spending time at the hotel pool. The pool was a great way to cool off after a super hot day. We got ready for dinner and had a yummy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Ruby's. After dinner we walked around the beach that Jared and I took our engagement pictures at. It is this little secluded beach in Laguna. Unfortunately, it was really dark by the time we got there and the tide was really high, so we didn't stay too long. Our night ended with more laughs, games and having a great time with friends.
 Jared and Cayden hanging out on the couch.
 All of us on the bike about to ride around Balboa.
 Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world!
This trip was so much fun and we are hoping to make it an annual trip with the Byers Family. Thanks for coming and spending the weekend with us and celebrating Jared's birthday.


Amy Rex said...

Fun! I drove by those villas a few weeks ago and they looked NICE!

Mike and Katie said...

We are soo glad you guys invited us! We had soo much fun like always =)

violation cure said...

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